What We Do

L’Arche’s work is simple. We invite people with and without diverse abilities to build community together.

We are a community of people with and without diverse abilities sharing life together.

We celebrate the unique value of each person, revealing each others’ gifts and recognizing our need for one another.

L’Arche CV is a registered not-for-profit charity that is organized and operated by a volunteer Board of Directors. We are one of 29 L’Arche communities across Canada, operating nearly 200 homes and work places, and part of a network of 145 communities in 40 countries around the world.

L’Arche exists in many different countries but everywhere the same spirit of community can be found and the same discovery made that beauty exists in every person. Community forms when we discover that we are interdependent and that every person has gifts to contribute to us and we to them.

In many ways, L’Arche is built on the recognition of the ability of individuals with diverse abilities to welcome and accept others as they are.

We believe that this gift has an important and transformative effect, helping each one of us to become more fully human and thus helping to humanize our entire society.

As a service organization, L’Arche is based on a community model of living, rather than a medical or social service model of care.

The Anchorage

THE ANCHORAGE Our current capital fundraising that will provide seven suites of affordable and safe housing for adults with diverse abilities.

I Belong Centre

The Outreach Centre is a place of welcome, where people have the opportunity to discover their individual and often hidden talents through creative and social activities.

Jubilee House

Jubilee House is a small household in Courtenay where people who have developmental disabilities (core members) and those who come to assist (assistants) share life and daytime activities together in a family-like setting.

IBC Suites

The IBC Suites is a a six-unit housing community for adults with disabilities who are able to live independently with a few supports.

L'ArcheWorx Collective

L’ArcheWorx is a social-purpose craft collective for adults with diverse abilities operated in the I Belong Centre.

Get Involved


You can become a friend of the Community and participate in our different events throughout the year, such as our weekly community prayer and potluck on Tuesday evenings.


L’Arche Comox Valley relies on the support of others who are like-hearted in living our mission. We need funds to ensure the functionality of our residences and offices.

Work and Live as an Assistant

More than a caregiver, the assistant shares his or her life with people who are less autonomous.  Each year, we welcome assistants to join our community, usually for a one-year commitment.